MineralPURE water Purification without Chlorine

The Principles of Water Disinfection by Copper / Silver Ionization

Chapter 5 -

There are several applications for the ClearWater Purification System:

Clearwater ionization systems for swimming pools.Swimming pools - ClearWater Enviro Technologies, Inc. has sold tens of thousands of systems designed for swimming pools. There are currently 35 models to handle any size swimming pool up to 2.4 million gallons of water.

The big benefit with ionization and swimming pools is that the ionization kills algae, bacteria and viruses--all major concerns of any health department that regulates swimming pools.

Because the water is always recirculating, it is easy to maintain a continuous kill of algae, bacteria and viruses.

The ions are long-lasting and keep a residual in the water unlike chlorine, UV and ozone. The copper and silver ions are not absorbed by the skin and effected by weather (ultraviolet evaporation) like chlorine is.

MineralPURE Ionization Systems are specially designed for hot tubs and spas.Spas/Hot Tubs - very similar to swimming pools, just a much smaller volume of water. Spas normally use a lot of bromine to control algae, bacteria and viruses which can grow very easily in water that is over 40 degress Celsius.

Marine Inhabit Aquariums - ClearWater’s ionizers are specially designed to work on both fresh and salt water with no adjustments required to the unit or electrodes.

One of the more popular applications is on marine inhabit aquariums, such as dolphin tanks and sea turtles.

Algae is a major problem and a great deal of chlorine is required to control this algae buildup which is harmful to the mammals.

By installing the ionizer with copper only electrodes, (silver may be harmful to the mammals) algae is greatly controlled, often saving several hours a day in labor. The lowered chlorine levels is both for the dolphin’s eyes and skin.

Ionization systems eliminate Legionaires disease from cooling towersCooling Towers - Cooling towers operate on the principle of removing heat from water by evaporating a small portion of the water that is recirculated through the unit.  Cooling towers are an integral part of large central air conditioning/chiller systems.

Cooling towers are a maintenance nightmare for the crew that maintains them.  Because large amounts of water are used, biological control of these systems is critical. Without control, the development of biofilm and slime leads to reduction in heat transfer, system blockages, increased pumping costs, and a dramatic rise in the corrosion rate of the system’s pipe work and fittings.

The copper and silver ions eliminates biological growth and will greatly reduce corrosion.

The presence and growth of microorganisms in cooling towers cause plugged water passages and severe deterioration of metal surfaces by under-deposit corrosion. Iron deposition and corrosion is caused by the metabolism of “iron bacteria”, which can remove water soluble ferrous salts and deposit them as insoluble ferric oxides. These oxides tend to grow rapidly and can reach sizes large enough to restrict water flow.

Another group of bacteria produce acids and waste which attach metal surfaces directly. These organisms can convert water-soluble sulfur compounds into hydrogen sulfide.

One of the most common sulfate-reducing bacteria is desulfovibrio. This bacterium uses organic nutrients from the decomposition of other bacteria or algae as food. This process often takes place under existing biofilm or scale deposits. The corrosive action of desulfovibrio can produce condenser tube penetration in as little as six weeks.

A third group of corrosive bacteria common to cooling towers are known as nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria react with dissolved ammonia to produce nitric acid.  This acid lowers pH and causes localized attack on the cooling tower’s metal frames and piping.

Algae, also a major source of trouble in cooling-water systems, adheres to metal surfaces and accelerates pitting by the release of oxygen during the metabolic process. Large algae growths also impede the effectiveness of biocidal treatments by absorbing them. This resistance to chemical treatment makes it necessary to rotate the chemical treatment to maintain its effectiveness.

The copper/silver ionization system solves these biological problems and, as an added bonus, it kills Legionella pheumophila bacteria. Cooling towers are a major source of Legionnaires’ Disease (see previous section). This disease may spread through the air conditioning vents in the entire building, affecting people with weak immune systems.      

A summary of all the benefits of the ClearWater Purification System on cooling towers includes:

Up to 90% reduction in chemicals and sewage pollution Reduced operating costs
Corrosion control improved dramatically Extended equipment life
Reduced water and sewer costs Less down time
Reduce fouling factor Large energy savings
Kills deadly Legionnaires’ Disease  

Hospital Water Supply - Hospitals are in business to help ill people. Did you know that about 20% of all patients that enter the hospital actually contract another disease during their hospital stay? One of the diseases is Legionnaires’ Disease which effects ill people or those with weak immune systems--basically any patient in the hospital.

Legionella can not only spread through the air conditioning vents from the cooling towers, but from evaporative condensers, therapy pools and potable water distribution system. Legionella is transmitted through aspiration, aerosolization (a water steam generated from showers or faucets) or direct exposure to Legionella during respiratory tract manipulation.

It is a well documented fact that copper and silver ions kill Legionnaires’ Disease and the use of the ClearWater Purification System can give hospitals the assurance against possible multimillion dollar lawsuits from people that die from the disease.

Ionization for drinking water treatment.Drinking Water Systems - ClearWater has entered the drinking water industry with its ionization system.

By incorporating copper and silver ions into the water supply, you can safely lower chlorine levels, have a much better kill rate with bacteria, and kill viruses (where chlorine fails to do the job).

The copper and silver ions provide a long lasting residual in the water, killing bacteria and viruses on an ongoing basis.

Currently, ClearWater Enviro Technologies, Inc. has released a copper/silver ionization system on an RO system (Reverse Osmosis) where the ions enter the water supply, kill algae, bacteria and viruses and then they are removed and stored in a holding tank.

Municipal water systems would be ideal uses of the ClearWater Purification System because of government concerns about chlorine and high Trihalomethane (THM) levels--a cancer causing agent. By using less chlorine, there are less THM’s in the water.

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